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The West Coast Vikings once again managed to reach the top

The West Coast Vikings once again managed to reach the top end of the group stages by beating the Finnish national side in their first game on the saturday. Quite a resounding performance that finished 24-7. This was quite an achievement considering Finland are now playing at Grand prix level. the next game would be a bridge too far, taking on the Dutch national side. A top quality side that would eventually go on to beat China to make the finals of the Amsterdam 7s, the West Coast Vikings actually took 3 soft tries and 7 minutes before actually warming to the level of competition required to compete against such a squad. the second half would be a much improved effort and it would take Holland until the last play of the game to score in the second. Holland 20- WCV 0. Next up would be a non-starter as it was a socials sevens side who fielded the only players left who hadn't starting drinking. WCV 54 - OA Peacocks 0. Initially our seeding for sunday had us up to play the Dutch again and Sussies saloon. Unfortunately the groups were changed and we ended up with the news that Ireland development would be our first game on sunday. As they had scored 183 points and conceded none on the saturday, you can imagine our jubilation. Once again the dew made the ball slightly slippery on the sunday morning and the irish team, with a few World Series players in their squad, produced simply too much pressure that ensure the first half had us scrambling to hold onto possession. The squad threw everything, including the kitchen sink, just to hold onto the pill and get some phases going, but the opposition were simply too strong in every facet of the play. There were positives of course, the main one at the end of the game was that we had succeeded in only allowing them to score 36 points, the lowest score they had succeeded so far in the competition. Ireland development would go on to meet Holland in the finals of the Amsterdam 7s and win the competition. All finals can be found here:-

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