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Welcome to Gothenburg Rugby Club!

The club was founded in 2007 after the fusion of two local clubs to create a club for men and women, boys and girls. We are a traditional Swedish non profit club based on voluntary work. The players come from all over the world so we speak both English and Swedish at the trainings and in the Club House. We always welcome new players of all ages regardless if you haven’t played before or if you are a skilled and capped player from another part of the World.


Membership fees


Kids & Juniors (Born 2017-2004, up to 18 years old) / Ungdomar: 1100 kr

Full membership: 2400 kr (half-season: 1200 kr)
Students: 1500 kr 

Beginners/Development players (Utvecklingsspelare): 600 kr* / 1500 kr


Oldboys/Oldgirls: 500 kr

Various members / Stödmedlemmar (non-players): 200 kr (or more)


The Membership fees have to be paid to the club's account PG: 22 94 79-1 as soon as possible.

All fees are per season if not specified.

* First season 

Rent our clubhouse

Rent our clubhouse:

Non-members: 2000 kr / night

Members: 800 kr / night

It is possible to arrange svensexa, please contact us for any inquiries.

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