Seniors and U18 (Men):

Tuesday - 18.30 -20.00 Heden (7s Rugby)

Thursday -19.00 -20.30 Välen

Saturday 10.30 - 12.00 - Heden - Touch Rugby

Contact: Magnus Andersson 0703014306

Seniors and U18 (Women):


Wednesdays: 18.30-20.00

Contact: Linda Elvinsson, 0735344134

Beginners (all year):

Everyone are welcome to these trainings, regarding skill level. 

Thursday -19.00 -20.30 Välen

Contact: Jonas Henemalm, 0737759884

Youth section:

During season (week xx to xx):

Tuesdays: 17.30-18.45

Thursdays: 17.30-18.45

Off season:

Contact: Magnus Andersson, 0703014306 or

Extra training and social activities: 

Follow Facebook and Instagram accounts for more information about time and place for Touch Rugby, extra tackling training, gym and running sessions.

Membership fees

Kids / Juniors (up to 18 years old): 800 kr
(Progressive family discount: 1st kid 800 kr, 2nd kid 700 kr, 3rd kid 600 kr etc)

Full membership: 2200 kr (half-season: 1100 kr)
Students: 1500 kr (half-season: 750 kr)

Beginners: 500 kr*

Match fees are included in the season fee.

Oldboys: 600 kr

Various members (non-players): 200 kr (or more)

Important! The Membership fees have to be paid to the following account as soon as possible: 

PG: 22 94 79-1.

All prices are per season if not specified.

* First season 

Clubhouse (Välen)
How to get to the clubhouse

Clubhouse address: Göteborgs Rugbyförening Reningsverksgatan 3, hus 1

Car: Klubbvägen 49, 421 47 Västra Frölunda, Sweden

Bus Stop: Hults Bro, then 5 min walk


Bus Stop: Frölunda Torg, then 20 min walk

Tram Stop: Frölunda Torg, then 20 min walk