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Swedish SM Semi-Finals

This weekend the club will be heading over to the other side of town and to Partille where Spartacus RUFC will host round two of the ladies sevens qualifier and the semi-finals for the Mens qualification towards the Swedish SM finals that will be held in Norrköping during the SMVeckan in july. For the men (silver medalists last year),after two rounds the top three teams, Vänersborg, Spartacus and Gothenburg ended up on exactly the same points. This sunday and those very teams will be taking on the top three teams from the Southern league; Pingvin RC, Malmö RC and Wexio RK. Top four teams after a day of sevens will be heading to SM Veckan. Group A: Göteborg RF, Pingvin RC , Malmö RC Group B : Spartacus Rufc, Wexio RK , Vänersborg RK

The ladies have only had one round of the sevens series and play in a different set-up, so they play the same teams; Borås, Vänersborg and Kalmar Södra. The ladies qualifiers will include two more rounds before we know who moves forwards to the SM Veckan.

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