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Finally we are on the pitch!

We are finally allowed on our pitch this week. So let us fill the whole week with rugby!

Trainings this week


17:30-18:45 Youth

18:30-20:00 Men and Ladies

Wednesday 18:30-20:00 New beginner training (everyone is welcome)


17:30-18:45 Youth

18:30-20:00 Men and Ladies

Saturday 10:30 Brunch, Clean the club house, BBQ


09:00 meet up at the club. MiniRugbyFestival in Alingsås (11:00-14:30)

10:00 Game away vs Karlstad (Men) Kick off at 15:00.

#rugby #grf

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The Schedule for the week is presented by Simbas, our Development Team. Tuesday at the Club. Youth 17:30-18:45. Men and women 18:30-20:15 Wednesday at the Club. Simbas, the Development Team 17:45-19:4

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