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Easy Rugby Union Rules!

As season is coming, and we are hoping to get more visitors to our games, but suddenly not all of you know rules of Rugby.. We decided to add some easy rules for you! And even with a video, that provides quite good basic rules!

Cheers! And See you on the Game Day!

Some key explanations!

Points and how you earn them

Why have this team got more points than that one? Why are they trying so hard to get over that line? Why are they kicking at the posts?


Find out how you score tries and kick goals.

Method of scoring Points awarded

Try/Penalty try 5

Conversion 2

Penalty goal 3

Drop goal. 3.

Fouls - what you cannot do

Foul play is doing anything in the game which is against the rules of rugby or the spirit of the rules.

This is one of the most important rules. Be fair, play fair! This rule aims to keep injuries to a minimum.

Ignoring this rule is cowardly. It may result in serious injury to yourself or other players.

Improve your game, know this rule

Foul play includes

  • obstructing opponents

  • punching, trampling, kicking or tripping players

  • tackling too early, too late, above the shoulders

  • tackling a player when they are in the air

  • doing anything which is unfair or dangerous.

Offside and Onside in General Play​

That player is right where the ball is. Why don't they pick it up?

It may be because they are offside. This is important. If they picked up the ball they would give away a penalty.

Here's a basic rule of thumb.

Aim to stay behind the ball.

Make sure the ball and the player in your team playing the ball are ahead of you in relation to the opposition goal line.

If not, avoid becoming involved in play.

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