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SMVeckan is on the horizon

SMVeckan is on the horizon and through some tough qualifying both mens and ladies teams will be heading north to compete for the SM 7's championship. The men's comp will include the favorites, Stockholm Exiles, who haven't competed in the 7's for a few years.With 7 players currently playing the national side it is no surprise they are heading to Norrköping as favorites and the Gothenburg mens team will play them in the Group stages. The ladies head north as current Sweden 7's champions and will be looking to retain their title. The level of the game has improved in the ladies game and with 12 players currently on duty for the ladies national sides it will make a difference. But as we know, sevens is about a 12 player squad and not individuals, so we shouldn't read too much in the fact that some players are doing their country proud. If your in the vicinity, make sure you head down and watch the re-instated Olympic sport. Otherwise, keep your eyes on SVT as all semi-finals and finals will be televised on sunday. Fingers crossed we see some Gothenburg players making it through to the semis and eventual final.

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