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Wet, but Happy!

We left a grey and rainy Göteborg to travel up to Oslo for our last 15's game before the playoffs. Having the 7's Swedish Championship next weekend in mind we rested some players with slight injuries.

As always with the boys the mood was light and we were looking forward to a fun game of rugby. As we got closer to Oslo the rain increased and we had to do some changes of the gameplan and positions. The plan was to keep it tight with the forwards and not spread the the ball out to often.

In the first half the forwards went forward in the open play but backwards in the scrum. We had some strong runs ruinend by losing balls/knocking on in the heavy rain.

We moved some players around and changed the game plan in the second half and that paid off. The forwards kept hold of the ball and we could get clean balls out to the Backs.

Oslo started to cheat in defense and after three offsides the ref started to show the yellow. When Oslo got two sin bins for repeated off sides they started to bicker as well. The ref warned both teams about the talking back and Göteborg kept their calm while Oslo didn't which gave them some more yellow cards and a red.

The final result was 7-17 to Göteborg and even though Oslo got some Cards our boys forced Oslo into mistakes by going forward. A Big up for Per being back at 10 and also the scrum with Petter, Lucas, Tony, Leo and Hermansson.

Well Done boys!

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