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Swedish Championship final På Välen

This years final will be a 10th year anniversary of Göteborg ladies being in the Swedish Championship final. It will be at Fortress Välen and the kick-off time is 14:00 (OBS! ny tid)

Saturday at 14:00 Göteborgs Rugbyförening Reningsverksgatan 3, hus 142147 VÄSTRA FRÖLUNDA

Invite your friends and family and make sure not to miss this day!

Event on Facebook Last week semifinal: Uppsala RUFC made the long trip down to Fortress Välen for the semi-final in the 15s Championship. With a GRF ladies squad now missing several of it's seasoned players it is a credit that the squad has worked hard and well enough together to reach the position to be in contention for yet another final. The final result would not really show how much effort was made to break through a very stubborn Uppsala defence who never gave up for the 80 minutes. We didn't expect anything less. the forwards did a stern job of doing who they're named after, St.GoForwards.. The match would end 67-0 (29-0) and full credit to all involved. Uppsala will now have a 3rd place match versus Vänersborg who lost to the Stockholm Exiles.That match would end 34-5.

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