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Saturday midday would see the gathering of the west region clans turn up to Välen to take on the Welsh touring squad Nantgaredig RFC. Unfortunately a few players called off in the morning but considering the weather conditions it was a huge positive to see 23 players turn up to play the test. Clubs represented included players from Uddevala(1), Borås(1), Vänersborg (1), Spartacus (4) and GRF supplied the rest of the HR. The lads ran a low impact session of 45 minutes before the kilted(?) army from wales came across the hills. An officiating team of three made themselves available which would also give the test more credibility. decent crowd turned up to support their players and were given a great "Barbarian" style match, with both teams putting in some massive hits which got a cheer from the crowd and a penalty try for the visitors after a great leg tackle was followed by a Mademoiselle La yellow produced which was a bit of luck... West Falcons managed to put all the initial pressure against Nant who defended their line well for the first twenty and after sustained pressure the West got the first try of the match. Nant responded by drinking 20 liters of water to try and equate their alcohol levels and pulled the score back to 7 a piece. Following a lot of unforced and to be fair, forced errors the first half ended with the Welsh up at the half, 7-17. half time came and went with a chat and the lads from the west agreeing on the structure we wanted to play and to enforce it in the second half. Obviously by now the Welsh lads had ran out of gas and running on empty tanks and following their 48 continuous hours of " On Tour " they simply couldn't compete with the West who also had more impact from the bench. Of least importance was the final score which tipped the scales at 36-17. What was more important was the fact that the West region had managed to get a squad out and play some champagne (cheap stuff mind) rugby and have a lot of fun. the third half was won by....not sure anybody remembers.... Great day for all involved.

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