Derby Day take two

Spartacus 16 - 37 Göteborg Derby Day take two Just two weeks after the first hard fought Göteborg derby both teams were braced for the second and final installment for the season. With several key players missing through injury and unavailability Göteborg were forced to shuffle the pack and the backline however remained as strong as usual. With this game coming so quickly after the first both teams could make good judgements on the style of play they would be up against. Göteborg deciding that the best chance for success would come through the speedy backline and so the team would try to spread the ball wide often. The game was played in extremely warm conditions for rugby where water and su

Team has been named!

GRF has named the team, that will meet in Huge Derby against Spartacus RF! Come and support your TEAM!

Göteborgs RF spelar sin första hemmamatch

Nu är det äntligen dax! Göteborgs RF spelar sin första hemmamatch och det blir ett Göteborgsderby! Det kan ju inte bli bättre. Så kom ner och heja fram Göteborgs RF! frivillig entréavgift 20:- Under matchen så kommer vi ha ett event för våra sponsorer. Kom gärna och prata med dem. Efter matchen så kommer vi även visa final en av Champions Cup 2017. Clermont mot Saracens 18:00.

GRF second Win in away game!

For the second-long trip in a row the GRF road trip would be 23 players, a promising start to the season. With sun cascading across the length of Sweden it would only be normal to be met by a grey sky in Karlstad with slight drizzle. Coach Kyle met his soldiers at the entrance as we arrived by the bus load and it was time to get the mindsets sorted out. With all the pleasantries over and done with a with the forward trying to con the referee into believing scrum collapsing would be Karlstad’s fault, it was kick-off time. twenty minutes in and it was a game full of unforced errors and a stalemate as GRF tried to hit tight into Karlstad’s defence which held firm. Quite a few dropped bal

Gratulera Christopher Vannerberg

GRF vill härmed gratulera Christopher Vannerberg för sin andra kallelse för svenska XV landslag! Vår ving spelade 80 minuter under borta matchen mot latvia och visade stor karaktär. Henning Ekstrand som också var med i helgen med landslaget är tvungen att hoppa av pga infektion i kroppen. Även Frölunda pojken startade för coach kanogo s trupp. Mvh Marco Cicola - GRF secretary #RugbyUnion #GRFMen #GRF #Rugby

Finally we are on the pitch!

We are finally allowed on our pitch this week. So let us fill the whole week with rugby! Trainings this week Tuesday 17:30-18:45 Youth 18:30-20:00 Men and Ladies Wednesday 18:30-20:00 New beginner training (everyone is welcome) Thursday 17:30-18:45 Youth 18:30-20:00 Men and Ladies Saturday 10:30 Brunch, Clean the club house, BBQ Sunday 09:00 meet up at the club. MiniRugbyFestival in Alingsås (11:00-14:30) 10:00 Game away vs Karlstad (Men) Kick off at 15:00. #rugby #grf

Great start of the Season

An early 7am start saw 23 of Göteborgs strongest men load up in two minibuses and a car to begin the journey up to Oslo for the first match of the season. The team was excited to put into practice the systems that had been worked on in training in particular defence and set piece. Oslo Fusion are always tough opponents and we knew that we would need to be up to the task physically to get a result. The match started with GRF giving away a few stupid penalties which Oslo decided to kick to the corner and pile up the pressure. What followed was some of the best defending I have seen from a team. Great line speed and big hits allowed GRF to push the heavy runners back and eventually force a pena