Easy Rugby Union Rules!

As season is coming, and we are hoping to get more visitors to our games, but suddenly not all of you know rules of Rugby.. We decided to add some easy rules for you! And even with a video, that provides quite good basic rules! Cheers! And See you on the Game Day! Some key explanations! Points and how you earn them Why have this team got more points than that one? Why are they trying so hard to get over that line? Why are they kicking at the posts? Important Find out how you score tries and kick goals. Method of scoring Points awarded Try/Penalty try 5 Conversion 2 Penalty goal

Pre-Season games!

Now it's time the first game of the season. we will have two teams from Gothenburg also will Borås and vänersborg. Kl.11.00 we meet at Heden at the bandy court. Kl 12.00 starting matches. we will fix a match schedule later this week.

Book time to support your team!

Here comes updated info about times for Rugby 15 and Rugby 7 in 2017! GRF Men team is looking sharp and looking forward to show some really good Rugby this year. Anyway Håkes cup, that is taking place as usual in Vaxjö will take place on 10-12 March 2017. Indoors rugby, a lot of fun, a lot of pain!